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Dr. John Upledger and Dr. Richard Royster: A little history
In the photo gallery you will find a picture of me and my good friend Dr. John Upledger. D.O.
We first met in Chicago in winter 1980. We have worked together at the Unity Center for Health and Education in West Palm Beach and later at the Upledger Institute after its founding in 1985. Together we developed the several courses in Acupuncture and CranioSacral therapy. I co-led several seminar trainings and teachers trainings with Dr. Upledger until 1990. In his last days I visit Dr. John often and we spoke of the early days and of course play Jazz tunes. Dr John Upledger died October 26 2012. I am grateful for many aspects of my time with him.
I thank Dr. John for his invitation in 1981 to move to Florida and for the many years we worked together.
Dr. John encouraged me to take SomatoEmotional Strategies and further develop the approach for use in the criminal justice system with the families of murder victims. Also we worked with the dying, their staff and families in Hospice. Much of our shared clinical time was spent treating PTSD before it was fashionable, before I moved to Florida.
I have focused my cranial skills studying and treating head injuries including Chronic traumatic encephalopathy which is a progressive,neurogenerative disease similar to what we find in Boxers. With acupuncture, bodywork and cranial I treated many head injuries while I was a full contact Martial Arts competitor and Instructor at that time and student of Boxing.
meeting Dr. John, I expanded my treatment of head injuries at our martial arts Academy until Dr.Upledger invited me to Florida to work with him in !981 and my final commitment to working with him in 1984. He did require me to quit karate, kung-fu and boxing to take up Jazz again. I changed my emphasis to working with athletes with cranial, stretching and sports massage. As for the music, my family were Jazz Musicians with roots in New Orleans, so that was not a great stretch for me. Music is a part of our cranial experience. Nowadays we practice Tai Chi Chuan, Qi Gong, and yoga as part of the body-mind balance in our classes. as well as useing healing sounds and music in the learning experience.