Refresher and Combination of all learned Techniques for Advanced Students


One-Time Special Class

I have taught various subjects over the years. Five levels of cranial classes, three levels of SER Unwinding class, Visceral, acupuncture, triggerpoint and neuromuscular classes, and counterstrain.
This next summer I am offering a treatment seminar on review of techniques and treatment strategies.
I will make a rapid review of techniques and then we will have treatment session using the material named above.
One practice could include the cranial ten-step protocol with treatment from the great 8 or TMG evaluation and treatment, treatment of the abdomen with cranial, visceral, and trigger point therapy or Treatment of the neck with triggerpoint therapy, cranial and unwinding.
Therefore this one time class offers review of some basic techniques, development of treatment strategies and actual daily treatment session time of about 20-30 minutes with supervision.