Cranio Sacral Therapy Course 2

foto_16The Cranio Sacral Therapy Course 2 builds on the lessons learned of the first course. You will learn specific techniques for the sphenoid, the mouth, the face and the entire body. As in Course 1, detailed description of the anatomical relationships, demonstrations and practical exercises under the supervision of a Naturopathic Doctor with over thirty years of CranioSacral experience in practice and instruction.
Day 1 and 2:
We will deepen our understanding of the basic treatment session.We shall review the 10-point protocol We just want to make sure you are applying the techniques as we have taught from the first cranial class and discuss your clinical experiences. There will be an introduction on the cranial relationships with scoliosis in the afternoons. The specific lesion patterns and disorders of the sphenoid are introduced.
Day 3:
The work on the sphenoid dysfunctions continues with special reference to the upper jaw or “Hard palate” and facial bones. The bones of the face are often subject to external force, for example, at birth, childhood injuries, sports injuries, dental visits. Since these bones are further away from the origin of the hydraulic CranioSacral system than the other cranial bones, they do not tend to self correct. This often means that the entire face symmetry and whole patient’s symmetry is distorted. We will evaluate and balance the You will be impressed by mouth may be working as effectively and feel the effect on the whole body. The cranial version of face-lifts are temporal and mandibular joint mechanisms ( TMJ) examination and treatment on this day. Many suffers of headaches, teeth grinding, visual problems and jaw pain find relief with these techniques
Day 4:
On this day we focus on children. Specific protocols for treating babies and our experiences will be shared. Also working with children four and under are discussed and we will apply these techniques with other participants in the class which is always insightful and very relaxing. Special topics such as “Caesarean” birth, forceps, vaccines, epilepsy, and the latest strategies for ADD and ADHD are discussed in light of cranial treatment and nutrition.
Day 5:
The last day of classes will involve the entire body in the “whole body evaluation”, with the help of the “arching”, the CranioSacral Rhythm’, the fascial glide detection and the discovery of “facilitated segment”. Concepts from quantum physics will be explained in a no-nonsense way. This gives you the ability to quickly and effectively detect and treat restrictions and understand the process. The day will end with a demonstration of the SomatoEmotional unwinding and give you a view of the emotional and spiritual aspects of this type of therapy.
The contents in brief:
• Sutherland sphenoid dysfunction
• Biomechanics and “Cranial Scoliosis”
• infant and child treatment
• birth trauma and special children topics