Mindfulness and Dialogue in Craniotherapy


The dialogue class is designed to help people understand themselves and other people, we work and live with. It is also designed to help us speak with simplicity, clarity and humor to our friends, family and patients. We work with skills from the East and West traditions in spirituality, psychology and in a Holistic way. We learn the skill on Mindfulness, principles of Unity, working with the body and mind and be empowered in self-healing.

Are you a withdrawn, dependent, self reliant, long suffering, a workaholic, charming and manipulative, or a drama queen? Do you treat or work with these people? Want to understand why they act certain ways? What strategy do you use? We will learn what people do in stress and understand the differences of character strategies people display. We will learn how to work and live these character strategies that we all have. Craniosacral therapy training is recommended.

Included will be a work and play training in using skills from Hakomi, mindfulness and strategies to focus on spiritual directions in life, finding, reflecting on what you want in life, and what we will do in our life. It is a continuation of last years training that featured Deepesh as guest lecturer. Unwinding and bodywork will be a part at this training. We will learn how to see what is normally hidden, contact people at a deeper level, and understand the differences between men and women and how to skillfully work with each other. Participants of previous Dialogue courses are invited.