Somato Emotional Unwinding (Basic)

foto_7This class focuses on Understanding the Unwinding Process and how to use the approach when alone with the patient in the Practice. It is a comprehensive practical class on techniques for treating the patient when most massage and physical therapy techniques fail. This class offers unwinding treatment of the shoulder, arm, hip, knee, ankle and in several positions.

We will be introduced to the indications and contraindication of unwinding, the distinctions between unwinding and SomatoEmotional release. We will learn specific skills such as tracking and how to touch and stay in contact with the patient how to create Healing and maintain relationships. We will explore mindfulness and its value in the unwinding process. Dr Royster will have many demonstrations of how to introduce patients to the techniques and how to skillfully conclude the process.
An explanation of the techniques and group practice is supervised . In addition the historical background of the technique is offered by Dr. Royster. He attended the first unwinding classes with Dr Upledger in 1980 and was the first certified Instructor for Dr. Upledger to teach unwinding classes in the US and Abroad. The classical and advancements in the field of SomatoEmotional release will be introduced in this class. It is part one of a three part training. Part two and three involve understanding and using the power of the spoken word and learning the strategies patients use in illness and stress, and how to support these strategies and speed the healing process.