Viscerocranial Healing our Organs of the Abdomen, Part 1

foto_12This class will introduce the techniques of Visceral manipulation based on several approaches

including Barral, Williams, Finet, and Kuchera among others.
The class will include illustrating and frequent practice of location and  treatment of the organ ligaments.
This is the newly designed visceral class is five days of discovery, anatomical exploration and
treatment, lead by a teacher with thirty years of study and practice in the visceral field.
Dr. Richard Royster leads you through the abdominal viscera in a precise and clear manor offering a
variety of therapy techniques designed for speed learn the exact organ location and effective
evaluation, manipulation, and balance organ mobility and motility.
You will learn not only easy organ location, but ligamentous connections,vertebral nerve
supply, visceral function, pathologies, emotional influence, and accurate and effective
techniques to evaluate and restore normal organ movement characteristics of mobility and
motility which influence organ function.
Laughter, jokes and crreative stories are also part of our class experieince.
” I have dedicated one year of preparation to design a visceral learning experience unmatched
in clear and easy to learn treatment for the abdominal organs, come join us and learn how to
improve your treatment results.”