Viscerocranial Healing our Organs of the Pelvis and Thorax, Part 2


This course is the continuation of the Viscerocranial approach to the organ structures.
We will review the abdomen ligamentous evaluation and correction techniques. Then we will move to the lower abdomen and pelvis to learn techniques for the connective tissues to the kidneys, bladder, and related pelvic tissues.  When we release scars and adhesions using gentle mobilization. We will later evaluate and work with the lungs, diaphragms and connective tissues of the thorax. All techniques will be explored from the sitting and decubitus positions. Various evaluation techniques will be introduced to discover connective tissue adhesions. Treament strategies and short treatment sessions will be used to prepare the participants for their patients in the practice.
The Hebgen Book on Visceral Manipulation and Netter’s Anatomy text are the required texts for both visceral courses.