Dashi Chu Kocica: Taiji-Qigong 18 Form Teacher Training

5 day Retreat in Grasellenbach, Odenwald, Germany

Now you have the opportunity to study Taiji-Qigong with a master, and learn how you can maximize your healing potential and apply these energy practices to your self-healing and to healing others.  Suitable for the beginner as well as the experienced student who wishes to deepen their practice, our daily class will include the traditional set of 18 Taiji-Qigong forms, and Qigong walking meditations.

These easy-to-learn forms will teach you the keys to Taiji-Qigong– proper posture, harmonious coordination, how to deeply relax and synchronize body, mind and breath– so that you can experience movement as a blissful flow of energy through the body.  The daily practice of Taiji-Qigong will increase your vitality and sensitivity to Qi, rejuvenate your body. resolve pain, and promote life-long health and inner peace.

Prerequisites: No prior experience is required

Requirements for Certification:  Students need to demonstrate proficiency in executing each individual form by the end of the 5-day course. After a minimum of 6 months practice and completion of 25 class hours of teaching, teacher candidates may submit a video of the 18 forms for certification review. After a process of one-on-one corrections via telephone/video conference (and resubmitting videos of the forms requiring correction), Asian Healing Arts will award the title:

“Certified Teacher in Taiji Qigong 18 Form.”




TAIJI QIGONG 18 FORM TEACHER MANUAL:  75 EU (Includes step-by-step photos of each form with alignment and coordination cues).

MATERIALS INCLUDED:  Notes of 18 Forms, Principles of Taiji Qigong




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Dashi Chu Kocica is an Acupuncture Physician from Miami, specializing in Asian Healing Arts. She is a China-certified Qigong Instructor and author of over a dozen 8 DVDs and CDs on Qigong, fitness and rejuvenation. Dashi´s passion speaks for itself. After curing herself of a partial hearing loss in 1997 in the world´s largest Qigong Hospital in China, she is dedicated to bringing these ancient and powerful methods of self-healing to the West. With over 40 years experience “cross training” in, Qigong, Taiji and yoga, her mission is to inspire and empower the individual to take charge of their health and practice self-healing methods daily for life-long health and spiritual evolution. Dashi’s diverse background in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Anatomy and Biomechanics has given her unique insight into the principles of movement and energy flow. She teaches students how to relax body and mind. and synchronize movement with the breath, so they can experience their practice as a blissful flow of energy through the body. Dashi has traveled the world learning from master teachers, but she recognizes that the ultimate teacher is within. Gifted with natural grace and inner stillness, her teaching style is precise and analytical, yet it opens the mind to grasp the broader concepts of energy flow within the form. Dashi is in China-certified in Wisdom Qigong and Lian Gong, and is a Certified Instructor of Qigong Healing, TriYoga®, Chilel Qigong™ and 13th Octave LaHoChi Energy Healing. She also teaches Taiji-Qigong 18 Form and Swimming Dragon Qigong. She is Educational Director of the Hoshino Therapy Clinic in Coral Gables and the Shangri-Lodge Retreat Center in Costa Rica.
Cost: 5-day Workshop for € 665,-
Visit: www.asianhealingarts.org to read Dashi’s healing story and Qigong articles.
DVDs available at the workshop or at www.AsianHealingArts.org/Wellness Store
Contact Dashi: US mobile: +1 305-776-0760, Email: info@asianhealingarts.org
Location: Grasellenbach, Odenwald (nearest airport is Frankfurt- easy connections to Grasellenbach by train and bus or limo service ordered in advance, one hour by car, 30
minutes drive from Heidelberg)
Workshop registration: contact Monika Weller in Germany 0049-2302-48110
(dialing from US: 011-49-2302-48110)
Accomodations: Lodging with full pension (3 full meals per day) at Hotel Dorflinde. Reservations should be made directly with Hotel Dorflinde, Siegfriedstr. 14, 64689 Grasellenbach, Germany, Tel. 0049-6207-92290, www.landgasthof-dorflinde.de, info@landgasthof-dorflinde.de. Mention the Richard Royster Institute to receive special group rate. Room rates in Euros: single room with full pension € 70,50, double room with full pension € 62,50, daily fee for non-hotel guests € 22,-.
Amenities at the Landgasthof Dorflinde: Attractive single or double rooms with private bathroom, bath or shower, satellite TV and telephone, breakfast – large, healthy and in buffet-form, coffee break and mineral water, lunch & dinner – choice of 3 entrees (one vegetarian) including soup, main course and dessert, plus a large salad buffet. All participants also receive full access to amenities at neighboring 4-star Hotel Siegfriedbrunnen: Saunas with free champagne and orange juice, Kneipp foot baths, eucalyptus steam room, solarium, indoor swimming pool, ping-pong. Outdoor recreation: mini-golf, tennis courts, large outdoor seawater pool and sun-bathing, located in the UNESCO Odenwald Hiking Region with dozens of marked nature hikes in the forest.

Visit www.AsianHealingArts.org to view Dashi’s articles on Wisdom Qigong, calendar of workshops and international retreats, and DVDs.