Deepesh Faucheux: Mindfulness – Body meets Mind

deepeshMindfulness – Body meets Mind
Mindfulness, Neuroscience, Well-being and Happiness – and how these are related
In this class we will be studying the topics of neuroscience and Mindfulness and how together they can make our life, our relationships and our healing work more profound and more satisfying.
What is a Happy Lifestyle? – a message from Deepesh
One of the things we say about our courses at Grasellenbach is that they “promote a happy lifestyle”. When we say that, are we just whistling in the wind? Is this just a silly boast, ultimately meaningless? What is it exactly, and how important is it? Can we consciously create Happiness? Is it a result of some endeavor (or does it come from a deeper place?) How is it related to love?
All the cultures of the world, all famous philosophers, spiritual leaders and social scientists have worked with these ultimate questions. Fortunately, in our times there has been a radical shift in the whole field of Psychology, away from the pessimistic approach of both Freud and the Behaviorists. Why study only sickness, neurosis and emotionally and mentally disturbed people? Is the pathological the only thing worth examining? Why not study people who are healthy, happy, successful and responsible in the world?
In the last six decades, a Positive Psychology was born! Whether we call it Happiness or Well-being, there are 5 elements that are basic for a happy life, captured by the acronym, “PERMA”. P = Pleasure. Of pleasure we have more than enough in Grasellenbach: we eat and drink, we laugh, we sing, we play together and dance, we walk in the forest. E = Engagement. That means we get involved in something, we go deeper, we care about it, we work with it. It brings us a deeper kind of joy and satisfaction….and new skills! R = Relationship. We all need relationships to be happy. Here we love our relating with others, we go through so many different things together with the support and positive companionship of our group. Whether we are crying in sorrow about something painful in our life, or laughing at our own folly and vanity, we do it together. And that feels deeply, deeply satisfying.
M = Meaning. We learn that no one can ever deprive us of the freedom to choose our own individual attitude toward our circumstances, and with the help of resilience even develop personal strengths out of our traumatic experiences. A = Achievement. We earn something of lasting value from our efforts. That feels good too. If you think about your time in Grasellenbach, when you study and lie down on the massage tables, ask yourself: ” What have I achieved here?” Take your time, pay attention to your body, your mind and your heart and wait for the answer to quietly emerge from the place of deeper knowing….
I am very much looking forward to our time in Grasellenbach!
The students will benefit not only in their professional development, but also in their personal growth.
Grasellenbach offers an almost ideal learning environment with its beautiful ancient forests, the swimming pool and Spa, the delicious food and the protected and relaxed atmosphere.
Deepesh is a gifted psychotherapist with more than 30 years of experience. He was a HAKOMI trainer and HAKOMI coach for 15 years. He has added another 12 years of ongoing study of the nature of trauma, the neuropsychology of emotions, and Mindfulness-based stress and pain reduction, all in the context of his longtime Zen practice. Additionally, Deepesh has included the findings of modern neuroscience and attachment theory in his work. His great gift is to bring to all kinds of therapists and health professionals, the relevant content of current psychological theory and scientific findings in a form easily understandable and yet precise. He is an Adjunct Professor of Transpersonal Psychology at Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado.

“What you feel, you can heal – what you resist, persist(s)” (Deepesh´s favorite saying)

Course language: English with a sentence-by-sentence translation into German

Book Recommendation: Jon Kabat-Zinn, Thich Nhat Hanh, Daniel Siegel


Date: September 1-5, 2017
Location: Landgasthof Dorflinde ( in Grasellenbach/Odenwald, Germany
Price: 699,- €
Prerequisites: none
Information & Registration: Monika Weller (