Regine Böhm-Plättner: Lomi-Lomi Massage

regine_böhm_plättnerThe Hawaii’s ancient healers knew that there are special methods to get blocked body energies back into the flow and thereby to achieve a healing on a physical, emotional and mental level.
The entire massage is a unique flowing movement. The practitioner slides with the inner side of the forearms in a specific flow over the body. This flowing movement of the masseur is achieved by means of a special sequence of steps and vibration of the hip, the frigatebird step.
A Lomi massage is not comparable with a traditional massage. Many tensions of the body be dissolved and you feel after such intensive treatment of body and soul like a new person. The students can look forward to a relaxing weekend with soothing massages!
Content: back treatment, frigatebird step, arm and leg treatment, insight in Hawaiian healing work
Regine Böhm-Plättner is Naturopath and student of Dr. Serge k. King and Susan Pa’iniu Floyd, and has learned to apply the ancient Hawaiian knowledge into teaching. Through systematic sensitivity training, she has learned to tune in to different energy fields. She belongs to the certified craniosacral therapists of the Richard Royster Institute.
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