The Institute


Our Lead Instructor
Dr. Richard Royster has practiced Cranio Sacral Therapy and Acupuncture since 1981. He is an Upledger-certified trainer for Cranio Sacral Therapy, a Doctor of Naturopathy,
Psychotherapist, Acupuncture Physician and Massage therapist licensed in Florida, 1985. He has been certified in instructing Tai Chi and Kripalu Yoga. He is one of the first non-oriental Qi Gong practitioners. For over thirty years he has been known as the hardest working Cranio Sacral Instructor leading over one thousand classes. He maybe is one of the most qualified instructors for Cranio Sacral Therapy. He worked and studied with Dr. John Upledger D.O.+2012 for 10 years. Upledger sent him to teach classes worldwide (Australia, Japan, Europe, Hawaii and USA). Before that he led spiritual encounter workshops for the Catholic church with Fr. John Morton, he worked with trauma and burn-out at the Esalen Institute and taught seminars in Body-Mind-Healing with Clyde Ford D.C. He has worked as a psychotherapist and court advocate with traumatized families of murder victims. He has developed the quality of touch and bodywork in a field where words often fail. He holds a Master Degree in body-centered psychotherapy from Bradley University 1978 Dr. Richard Royster has a rich background of professional and personal experience. Highlights of his trainings were a 3-year-training with Ron Kurtz +2010,  in HAKOMI-therapy and Loving Presence, Gestalt-therapy, Kripalu Yoga psychology with Amirit Desai, Hawaiian Kahuna with Serge King and he was one of the first practitioners working with Marshall Rosenberg + 2015, in 1981-83 on what has become non-violent communication. Dr Royster is a forty- year practitioner of Mindfulness
meditation as taught by Thich Nhat Hanh. In addition to his qualifications he worked as a Qi Gong Teacher and hold the rank of Go-Dan in Ueshi-ryu and instructor ranks in Wado-Kai, Jeet Kune Do and Hakko-ryu jujitsu.


Why are our courses special?
First we care about what we teach. In a big picture we strive to make the world a better place. Second, we care about you as the student and future healers and therapists. We have had many masters and teachers and doctors who loved their work and the people as to dedicate their life to teaching. Every class is customized to your specific needs. In 2014, Dr Royster has re-certified as a Sports Massage therapist, a specialty he once headed  as its educational chairman in 1985. His courses are well-known for his warmth, his professional competence, his mindfulness, and great humor. Learning through laughter is a common experience in our seminars.


What does this mean?
This means that every class is customized to your specific needs. Cranio Sacral therapy is not a technique but an approach for all therapists. Regardless of your profession and therapeutic goals, we all treat different types of dis-ease. Some of us focus on the treatment of back, neck, and headaches, others treat insomnia, TMJ, and chronic tension. Still some of us treat patients with problems from normal stress to post traumatic stress disorders. With training in Cranio Sacral Therapy, we have a tool for promoting a sense of inner peace, deep relaxation, and a feeling of whole body wellness. This promotes less pain and faster healing in our patients. It allows us to have more energy to work and supports the healing responses from our inner healer. Cranio Sacral therapy training allows the therapist to learn practice and perfect techniques in balancing energy, based on the leading edge
scientific research not the typical mystical rituals of non- scientific approaches. Participants learn the interface of energy and
science in our Cranio Sacral classes and we can immediately use these techniques in our practice.


Why study with us?
Our Institute offers several different types of therapy to choose from: Cranio Sacral therapy (CST) for overall body relaxation as well as therapy for headaches, TMJ, Insomnia, learning disabilities and much more on CST later. Visceral Bodywork is a therapy designed and taught to recognize fascial and ligament imbalance affecting the organs and bowels. The causes are often from surgeries and the treament is gentle, deep release of the adhesion in the connective tissue layers. Neuromuscular (NMT) deep tissue therapy to loosen those stubborn knots that keep your muscles tied up and tense. Advanced Cranial and Bodywork classes teach hands-on skills, Advanced stretching techniques, based on the research of Aaron Mattes is used for marathon runners and weekend warriors alike. Pre-Natal and Pediatric Cranial treatment for soon-to-be moms and dads, who as new parents who
forget to take care of themselves. Our Somato Emotional Integration Classes offers therapist psychological skills for. Body-workers interested in working with Post-traumatic stress disorders (PTSD), patients whose emotions prevent their healing. We use unwinding and dialogue to connect with the suffering that is part of this life offering healing along with hope and opening new vistas in life. QI Gong, Tai Chi, Kripalu Yoga are integrated in all the classes to help heal the healers.


The Institute that cares
Our Institute offers you the best trainings in the field as well as professional service and individual care in pursuing your educational needs. The Institute has professional memberships and is recognized by the professional Osteopathic, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and the Healing practitioner associations in Germany. Our Director has taught for various universities in North America including Harvard University of Florida, Tufts University, University of Toronto. We have also presented courses for the Japanese Osteopathic Association and numerous hospitals.